The known cases and solution.
Technical support:

HoloLens Mixed Reality capture not aligned in GameViewEncoder MainCam mode
You may try our suggested magical number as below, which used in our promotion video.
– Scale X: 1.365837
– Scale Y: 1.365837
– Offset X: -0.05
– Offset Y: -0.1

FM Network UDP connection issue on Windows PC/Laptop
– Please disable firewall, and enable auto network discovery on your Windows System Settings

FM WebSocket connection issue on non-local applications
– In FMSocketIOManager settings, please make sure your IP address is same as your node.js server
– If you are hosting it on your own machine, you should enable port-forwarding for public network connection
– If you are hosting on cloud, please make sure your IP & Port are reachable.

FM WebSocket hosting issue: docker container + subdomains with an NGINX reverse proxy
The solution below is suggested and reviewed by ChrisWalsh3
If you are running in a docker container and are using subdomains with an NGINX reverse proxy (browser will block any non-secure socket access and any access to sockets away from the root domain), make sure to add the lines:

# enable WebSockets
proxy_http_version 1.1;
proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
proxy_set_header Connection “upgrade”;

to your proxy config to get WSS working, spent a while fixing that and it’s an obscure thing so hopefully will help someone out.

Duplicated websocket-sharp.dll with PUN2 or other plugins
– Removing one of the websocket-sharp.dll should solve the issue
– or removing the FMWebSocket folder completely with ease

FM Desktop Stream issue: [FMD] 0:\\.\DISPLAY1 => Unsupported
(It’s been solved by FMETP STREAM 3.0, it’s FMETP STREAM 2.0 specific issue)
below is suggested answer by parkerhg in forum posts #513
make sure Windows 10 uses a specific GPU when running your application.
You can do this through windows or your GPU, but depending on how you do it windows sometimes overrides your choice.

I found this stack overflow thread and some of the links on it to be very helpful:

But I’ll summarize what worked for me here as well:
basically, if you go to control panel -> System and Security -> System -> Display -> Graphics settings, you can set a program (like Unity) to use a specific GPU through windows (you’ll have to restart the program for it to work though)

FMWebSocket WebGL with customised template not work
– It’s due to missing gameInstance or unityInstance, please check your template and make sure the below script included. (suggested by “안교석”)

script.onload .then((unityInstance) => { window.gameInstance = unityInstance;//.....