FM RemoteDesktop Manager

FMRemoteDesktopManager allows you to capture and remote control your target desktop for streaming.

It’s compatible with our example networking systems FM Network UDP and FM WebSocket. Meanwhile, other 3rd party networking systems like PUN2, MIRROR and UNet are also supported.

Component Properties

Remote Desktop Type
– Desktop Capture: capture you computer desktop view
– Desktop Control: detect your input for controlling your computer remotely

Target Display
– source display will be captured for streaming

Show Cursor
– cursor will be included in the captured view

Remote Pointer Type
– None: ignore all the cursor input methd
– Screen Space: remapping the screen space mouse position into remote desktop’s target display
– Any Raycast: support both Screen Raycast and Joystick Raycast method
– Screen Raycast Only: emit a ray from your main camera for interaction with “FMRemoteDesktopViewer” in 3D space
– Joystick Raycast Only: interact with “FMRemoteDesktopViewer” via “FMRemoteDesktopJoystick” pointer

Remote Desktop Viewer
– 3D quad viewer for remote desktop

Auto Aspect Ratio (for Remote Desktop Viewer)
– No Scaling: use default scale
– Lock Vertical: adjust the ratio with default scale Y
– Lock Horizontal: adjust the ratio with default scale X
– Inside Far Clip Plane: fill the screen in far clip plane, with correct aspect
– Stretch Far Clip Plane: stretch and fill the screen in far clip plane

– output encoded Desktop frame in byte[]

– output encoded remote input data in byte[]