FMETP STREAM is a plugin for Unity3D, which simplifies the workflow of live streaming without coding.

Our “Encoder Module” fits almost any case of streaming, which can convert your Unity Game View, Webcam, Computer Desktop, In-Game Sound and Mic input into byte data.

The latest package includes “FM Network UDP” for local streaming demo, and “FM Websocket” for Internet streaming. Those two networking modules are optimised for Server-Clients connection type, which you can send data(string or byte[]) to Server/Others/All with single line command.

Beside, it’s also compatible with most of networking systems including PUN2, MIRROR, UNET…etc. As long as your networking systems support byte streaming, it should be compatible.

*For New User, you may simply build and test below scenes for your first try.

*For iOS build, below descriptions should be filled under “Player Settings”.