the golden calf (AR)

  • Artist: Jeffrey Shaw
  • Software: Cheong Tai-leong Leoson
  • Year: Version III (2018)

The golden calf (AR) is an upgraded version of the original "Golden Calf(1994)". It supports real time reflection AR experience. The reflection map is generated by 4 circular fisheye cameras, which are streaming to ipad.

lotsremark projekte, Basel

Osage HK

2019/11/12 - 2020/02/12: WYSIWYG JEFFREY SHAW SOLO EXHIBITION, Osage Hong Kong
2019/06/11-2019/07/16: lotsremark projekte, Basel, Switzerland
2019: At Enghien-des-Bains, Paris, France
2018/10/15-2019/01/20: ANiMAL, Academic 3, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China