FM Exhibition Tool Pack

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FM Exhibition Tool Pack provides you a simple solution for popular troubles in public events or exhibitions.

[Networking] FM Network UDP
- Server<-> multi-Clients Networking
- Added Live Streaming Demo
- Hololens tested by customers (requires build with Net 4.x (IL2CPP))
- Large File Sender Example

[Networking] WebSocket Demo (cross platform)
- Added WebGL Build support, tested WebGL(mobile)
- Added Server<-> multi-Clients Networking Structure (but still need node.js server)
- optimised Socket.IO for Unity
- Granted permission from FABIO PANETTIERI

[Streaming] In-Game Audio+Video
- Capture & Streaming In-Game Audio and Video
- Tested: Streaming Game View between Mac/PC/iOS/Android/Oculus Go
- Hololens(tested by customers)

Network Action (Old TCP Solution)
- Custom RPC networking solution with TCP and UDP
- Sync / Remote trigger for multiple clients

Battery Saving Mode
provide a sleep mode for your app, when there is no one playing. it's extremely useful with AR app when there is no power supply in your exhibition gallery.

Live Streaming
Simple local streaming solution, used for live streaming game view, live webcam, live reflection map for AR

Panorama 360 Viewer
Gyro Demo & Editor Mode Simulation

Gigapixel Example
Custom Shader for high resolution panorama
Mobile Devices: 4 x 4 x 4096 (W) x 2 x 4 x 4096 (H)
on 8k supported platforms: 4 x 4 x 8192 (W) x 2 x 4 x 8192 (H)

*All Source Code in C#
*All Core parts are used in many exhibitions in past few years
*Will Keep adding new features
Tested devices in our public projects:
iphone 5
iPad Air 2
iPad pro(2017)
iPad pro(2018)
iPhone 6s
iPhone XS
Macbook Pro(2018)
Windows 10
Oculus Go
Samsung S9+
*Hololens tested by customers (requires build with Net 4.x (IL2CPP))

Download: Core API Document